Improve Your Skills

TakeAim Cycling is owned and run by Harlan Price of Harrisonburg, Virginia. TakeAim Cycling has partnered with Treasure Mountain to provide mountain bike skills coaching services for your stay at the Bike Park. Reserve your dates early as demand is high!

TakeAim Cycling creates a relaxed, fun and safe learning environment. We work with beginners to advanced level riders, from those just trying to figure out their brakes to those trying to ride jumps and drops better. Expect a unique skills lesson experience based on a thorough assessment of the needs and riding styles of the rider or group!

Coaching Services & Rates

1 on 1 Skills Coaching

We will use a combination of the woods and obstacle courses according to the riders’ needs to practice performing specific skills.

Including but not limited to braking techniques, cornering, climbing, rock gardens, log hopping, bunny hopping, body position. As well as jumping and drops.

  • $75 per hour: Minimum of three hours for first time sessions.
  • Add up to 3 people to your session for $30 per hour more each.

Group Skills Sessions

Larger groups and times can be negotiated. Group sizes are generally limited to 6. If you have a larger group price structure stays the same and additional coaches will be added.

6 person max: Some situations allow additional participants.

  • $300 – 2 hours
  • $500 – 4 hours

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