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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the nearest bike shop?
We recommend Shenandoah Bicycle Company at 135 S. Main Street in Harrisonburg, VA. Call them at (540) 437-9000.

Do you rent bikes?
You can rent bikes through Shenandoah Bicycle Company. (See above for their contact info.) You are responsible for getting the bikes to and from their shop in Harrisonburg, VA.

Where is the nearest grocery store?
Long Mountain General Store (at 5735 Blue Gray Trail, Franklin, WV 26807) is a convenience store 1.4 miles away. The nearest grocery store is Great Valu (700 N Main St, Franklin, WV 26807) in Franklin 5.4 miles away.

Where is the nearest post office?
The Franklin County post office (63 Pine St, Franklin, WV 26807).

Can I bring my dog?
Yes. Please note that there is a one-dog limit. You are responsible for any damage done by your pet.

Do you provide linens?

What is the weather like?
Treasure Mountain experiences four distinct seasons. Because our lodge is at 3,000 feet elevation, it’s typically 10-15 degrees colder than in the Washington, D.C. area. You can expect higher accumulations of both rain and snow.

What do I need to know about hunting season?
Treasure Mountain is located on private land and no hunting is permitted onsite, but if you travel onto the nearby National Forests or onto other local private property, use caution, especially during deer season in the fall and early winter. Ask us for details and more advice if you are visiting during this time.

What kind of wildlife might I see?
Wild turkey, black bear and deer are the common. Don’t leave food outside, keep it put away. Also, drive with caution – deer may run out at any time. The nearby community is called Deer Run for a reason!