Yoga, Meditation & Massage

Connie Magee LMT, MS Ed., A-WEMT
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Massage Therapy, Sound Healing and Reiki

Yoga & Meditation can be arranged through Connie Magee LMT, MS Ed., A-WEMT. She is a Yoga and Meditation teacher, Sound Healer and Massage Therapist. She teaches yoga nearby in Harrisonburg, VA, and her massage therapy practice includes hot stones, and Native American sacred healing, energy healing deep tissue, and eight other manual modalities. Tibetan and crystal Singing Bowls factor strongly in her private sessions as well as workshops for group healing.

Connie is an experienced teacher and healer and can comfortably adapt the format of any session to meet your individual or group needs. She has taught classes of over 200 people, but is equally skilled in small group and individual sessions. Creativity and flow are the unifying elements in all the services she offers.

Services Include

Yoga Meditation Instruction

Private or group

  • $75 1.5 Hours (can be customized to your needs)

Sound Healing

With Tibetan and crystal singing bowls

  • $50 One Hour

Energy Healing

Private or group

  • $50 One Hour


All sessions include hot stones, sound healing and Reiki

  • 70 Minutes $85
  • 90 Minutes $110
  • 180 Minutes $200

What is Sound Healing, Anyway?

This 5000 year-old therapy profoundly affects the nervous system, down to the cellular level.

Divine vibrations of Tibetan and crystal Singing bowls enables you to enter a deep, alpha-theta brainwave state, in which healing is stimulated at the cellular level.

Resonating with the eternal sound of the planet- AUM- Tibetan singing bowls provide meditative, therapeutic & transformational healing. The rich blend of harmonic overtones have direct effect on the Chakras. Their deep sonic vibrations alter our sense of space, mind & time.

Your sonic nap with Connie will begin with gentle asanas to initiate flow, engage in guided meditation, then we will settle into completely supported Savasana to receive the sound bath and direct placement of the bowls on the body. You will leave this workshop deeply relaxed, with a settled mind, restful sleep.

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